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About Contester


If you notice incorrect translations in Contester, please let author know.

Contester - is an application for holding programming competitions and for individual training in solving problems. Contester contains statements of problems - from easy to olympic - and has the function to accept and check submissions in most of modern languages: C++, Object Pascal, Java and .NET languages: C#, J# и Visual Basic.

Author of "Contester": Klopov Igor.
Kovrov State Technological Academy. igor(a)klopov.com. ICQ 290-210-013
Problem statements and checking programs belong to their respective authors.

Great thanks for help in creating Contester to:
Bagaev Dmitry, Koverdyaev Maxim, Khrenov Maxim, Andreeva Ann, Orekhov Nickolay, Andreev Pavel, Kovrov State Technological Academy Coder's Club and those others who gave advice and tested.

Special thanks for consulting to:
Menshikov Fyodor (Vologda State Pedagogical University), Kopachev Michael (Rybinsk State Academy of Aviation Technology), Kuznetsov Pavel (Pomor State University, Archangelsk) and Shevchenko Dmitry (Vladimir State University).

Contester was written in Delphi / FreePascal. Firebird database server, Indy.Sockets components and ZLib library were used in Contester.

You can get new version of Contester and support on official site www.contester.ru.