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Kovrov IT 2007

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Problems of this volume were offered by Kovrov IT 2007 contest, that was held in Kovrov (Russia) in September 2007.

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Problem nameIn shortForum
A. Phalanx Gamma Arrangements of castles on the checkered board
B. Bitsorting Gamma The K-th number of newly sorted integers
C. Cubes Beta A square of cubes if one cube is lost
D. Factorial Beta Find K successive digits in N!
E. Lights Gamma Color of the point, illuminated by lights
F. Parliament Delta Split the insulted deputies into few groups
G. Strange Numbers Gamma The quantity of strange numbers within L to R
H. Two Captains Gamma Find the number of arrangements of the sailors
I. Boundary Troops Gamma Distribute solders to greatest number of squads
J. Wedding Gamma K guests out of N with M pairs of familiars
K. Nice Floor Beta Lay the square floor with the pieces